Pengcheng Liu

Pengcheng Liu is a Research Fellow in Mechatronics jointly working at Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology (LIAT) and Lincoln Centre for Autonomous Systems (L-CAS). His work involves development of real-time and optimized motion planning and control algorithms for mobile robotic manipulators with soft gripers for picking and grasping tasks in dynamic and cluttered environments. He received his BSc degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, MSc degree in Control Theory and Control Engineering from Zhongyuan University of Technology, China in 2007 and 2012, respectively, and his PhD degree in Robotics and Control from Bournemouth University, UK in 2017. His current research interests include nonlinear dynamics and control, computational intelligence, trajectory planning, bio-inspired control, optimization, and their applications to robotics and underactuated systems.

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