Together with Freek Stulp and Sylvain Calinon, I organized a tutorial on movement primitives and regression. See our homepage at

My slides can also be found here: IROS_Tutorial_slides2

Policy Search Tutorial at the 2nd UK Robot Manipulation Workshop

Time: 13:00

Location: Imperial College London

I will give a tutorial about policy search for robotics at the 2nd UK Robot Manipulation Workshop. The talk is scheduled at 1pm on the 10th of July. Looking forward to this exiting workshop! See the slides here.

Policy Search Tutorial @ AAMAS 2017

Location: Sao Paolo

Jan Peters and me gave a 4 hour tutorial about policy search for robotics at AAMAS in Sao Paolo. See the tutorial homepage or directly access the slides here.

I was invited by Jeremy Wyatt to give a seminar talk at the UoB. Check out the sides.